Monday, June 27, 2005
Well my son's father is back from Hawaii and the requests for ass are back. Now the offer is if I give him some on a regular basis then he'll pay my bills. WOW!!! Didn't know my shit was that great. With that said. I got three of my four grades back. I got 2 A's and an A-. Tell me I ain't kill it. *pat on the back* I am waiting on the grades from my speech class and hoping that I got an A in that class too so I can make the Dean's list. I know my baby is gonna be so proud of me. I can't wait to tell him. Well the Queen has to keep this post short cause I gotta get to work. Gotta keep a roof over my head ya know.
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Thursday, June 16, 2005
What do ya know?

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

What Gender Is Your Brain?

Well since I am female I guess I don't mind.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
The Ends Justify the Means...
I have decided to go with my cousin. It will be harder to live without my son's father's help but I guess if I am determined enough then I will succeed. I want to be independent of him but as long as I have a constant contact with him then I will never have the damn umbilical cord cut. I would have liked for us to be together again but I guess things happen for a reason. I am not saying that he and I can never be together again but for right now we just won't and can't be. Not because we don't care for each other but just because I feel that at this point he won't let me grow and I really want to.
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Monday, June 13, 2005
When GOD closes a door....
I was supposed to move into a new house but as of yet, I have not gone. For some reason something or the other has been stopping the progression of moving and me being the dumb ass that I am, was not taking heed to the clues that were presenting themselves. I have just decided that I should not move into this new house with the people that I was supposed to move with.
It is gonna be be harder for me but you know what in this life nothing has been easy for me in years, so what else is new. My boyfriend is moving to damn New Jersey but hey I guess he has to live where ever he can and it is cheaper for him. Right now we are going through a particularly hard time because I have two damn jobs and I go to school full time. I am however trying to get a single job that pays more and is at least full time. That way I only have to worry about just 2. I know there are going to be problems because I am not moving were I said I was originally going and I know it is going to be a war when my son's father comes back and finds out. But you know what GOD will help me make it without him if need be. I will struggle either way but I need to make sure that he is totally out of my life. There is going to be drama but you know what it won't be the first time I had this with him and I know it shall not be the last.
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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Moving Day has finally arrived!
I am finally moving damnit! Sho can't wait *doing a little jig* I ain't gonna have no damn furniture and I ain't gonna have no damn dishes or pots but that's alright cause I ain't gonna have no food! I will have peace of mind and there is no kind of mind like peace of mind! *still doing a little jig* I am supposed to get the keys today and move this weekend. All I am gonna have is stuff for my son's room but hey. Right now I would talk some more but I gotta see if any one got some furniture they don't want and I can carry home.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
My WTF moment of the day...

Well damn. Don't this just make you either wanna start a riot or laugh your ass off! The choice you may want is probably dependant on your ethnicity. We were going through this type of shit for ever! All I can say is damn happy for once it wasn't one of us.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Damn Schedules
I am truly starting to hate school. I just did my new schedule and I have to take damn night classes because I can't take the morning ones. No they didn't even leave any classes for the middle of the damn day. My school suck hairy ass! I won't be leaving school til damn 11 at night. And since I don't live in the safest of neighborhoods guess what this means for me. Then I finally got a better paying second job! YEAH MAN! Not that I like having a second job but hey you gotta do what ya need to so you don't starve to damn death. I got this big ass ever loving gap in the middle of my day on Wednesdays. The gap is like three hours. Now some of you would say just go home and come back. And normally I would but by the time I get home ( I live an hour and half away) I would have just enough time to take a quick leak and run back out the door. Can't life get better?
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Saturday, June 04, 2005
It is finally Summer
It is finally summer and the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the whole world seems just so damn great. I swear if I didn't know better I would just swear I was so in love. Wow....It has been so long since I have even thought about that phrase, that I am so scared at the possibility. Yes world the Queen has a major crush. But I am not so sure that I am willing to fall in love with him just yet. The last man I was so "in love" with hurt me to the soul so bad that I just knew the world was gonna end and I didn't even wanna read the bible to protect myself. BUT I got over it and my world started spinning again. Right now it is spinning quite wonderfully and I am just gonna enjoy the ride. *hmm* Maybe I am in....NAH!
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Friday, June 03, 2005
Just As I thought the Drama Would End
I have drama in my life. I am not gonna sit here and say that none of it is my fault but hey some of it just kicked up and whips my ass. See my son's father is a major butt munch. While there was a time when I loved him, I so do not any more. This is not to say I do not care for him deeply but I still would like to see him in pain and a lot of it has this thing of he can do everything and I should sit there and accept it without any problems or even screwing up my face. Needless to say this does not happen. There are times who I swear my face just has a mind of its own and does the wierdest shit. But you know what, to even continue to think about him would just fuck my shit up and why go down that road. Until my son is a few years older we have to deal with each other so why not make the best of it.

Right now it is almost the end of school term for me. I will have two weeks off and then I go back. I am gonna try to milk the hell out of my two jobs. And damn it I sure can't wait. The Queen needs a few things....Wait who am I kidding the Queen needs a lot!!! Hopefully I should be moving in a few days. About damn time!! I am so excited but my feeling have been hurt about this move so I am not too sure. But hey the Bible says claim it and it is yours! So I am so claiming. I do have a beef with the author of the statement though cause I have claimed a lot and it just upped and walked away! I so hope I am passing. I have confidence in all my classes except speech. The woman doesn't hand back the homework nor does she give you your evaluation after the speech so you are left thinking damn did I do well or what. I hope I pass high because I really so don't wanna take this class over again.
With that said we are all dismissed. The Queen has to get back to work.
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Thursday, June 02, 2005
A new damn day.
Hello all, I am the Jamaican Queen. While there are those who don't feel I deserve this title, never fear because I will have them beheaded shortly. Now since you people don't know me, feel free to try to understand that I am going to be brutally honest not just with those around me but with myself too. I am truly tired of trying to play a role that others have decided I should star in. I am gonna be me, even if it is only on this blog ( hey don't hate cause I gotta keep a damn job). I say I am a Queen not because I was actually born from royalty but because it is a mentality that I am adopting. I am letting all the negativity and pettiness stay beneath and behind me. And ascending my throne as the woman I am going to be. Now this is not to say that I feel I am better than anyone else but hey I am gonna try to be better than most. I will post about random things going on in my life and of the randomness that I find on the web. So if you think I am weird and or crazy then hey. I am just glad that you are thinking of me. That is all for the day. We are all dismissed.
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