Friday, July 29, 2005
What in da Hell was she thinking?!
I have three things to post under this topic.

1. Yesterday a woman driving along I95 got mad at her 4 year old son and puts him out of the car and drives off! As the little boy was trying to get in the car she drove off and the door hits him and knocks him down. A trucker sees the little boy along the interstate and picks him up.
Now what in da Hell was she thinking?! She needs to be put through the damn jail! Now as a mother I have threatened to leave my son (in the house) with the dust bunnies if he didn't hurry up. But I never meant it or tried to do that.

2. A woman today on my bus (B25) got up and left her daughter on the bus. Then when the bus driver stops the bus to let her off. The mother runs up and starts yelling at the little girl like it was her fault.
What in da Hell was she thinking?! How you gonna be mad at your child (the girl looked about 6) for not getting off the bus, when you jumped off from sitting in the back while she sat up front? *SMH*

3. On a less serious note. A woman on the same bus has on a sheer black floral pattern skirt and white draws. Now some might ask how do I know. Well, Bob, because I saw them. The damn woman had on no slip. Now when I was a little girl, my darling granny did make sure I had on a slip whether the skirt/dress was sheer or not. And violence be unto me if I didn't put it on. The art of the slip is gone nowadays. But still, What in da Hell was she thinking? I mean the woman has cottage cheese thighs and she even had on BAD's (that's granny panties or bloomers). But folks that's not the bad part! Oh no! The kicker is she had her damn period. Yes lord I could see the pad on her ass! Why did she think she was cute? Don't she have someone who loves her? Hell even someone from the second grade that should have told her. Well I guess not because before I could verbally berate her, she was off the bus.

What is the world coming to? Leaving your kids on the highway, on the bus and leaving your slip at home. Well alright on the slip but that's just decency. But the highway and the bus? I couldn't imagine being left on the highway and I'm grown. Hell if you put me out of your car at a bus stop or the train I still catch an attitude and I always walk with "feisty money" (vex money). That poor little boy. I hope his mother breaks her damn neck running away from "Big Bertha" when she's in jail!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Dumb Asses
Yesterday, as I was waiting for my bus, I over heard these two guys arguing about how nasty homosexuality is. *Before anyone wants to flip on me, this view is not shared by the Queen* Guy A:" Yo, son being gay is nasty as fuck, man! I mean for real. How you gonna let another n* straight up fuck you in da ass?!" Guy B:"True son. But I'm saying you shouldn't have yelled at that dyke." Guy A:"Naw fuck that. Being a lesbian is nasty too! How a woman who is supposed to be a woman gonna let another woman lick her shit? Don't they know that a woman is poison?" *didn't know I was poisonous..* Guy B:" Naw son, a woman with another woman, that is like the most beautifulest thing. You ever watch that shit?" Guy A:" Fuck that shit! How you gonna say one is right and the other is wrong? Fuck outta here!" Guy B:" Naw I'm saying tho. Look a woman knows what another woman likes, right? So I'm saying you can watch and then join in!" *now what makes him think he'll be asked to join?* Guy A:" Hell no I can't even see myself being with a girl that ate pussy! I don't even do that nasty shit! Fuck outta here! That shit is straight poison!" *could this be why he was looking for a new female?*
Now at this point my bus came and I was happy to get away for the fact that I was starting to be highly upset about being called poisonous. Now the Queen has had a few men come and worship, but damn I ain't never poisoned anyone. And how is Guy A calling a female oral sex nasty? I bet his fat sloppy ass wants to be done! The stupid ass! I bet then when done for a dude it is a wonderful thing! WHATEVER!!! Now don't get me wrong I am all for whatever makes the next person happy can't be that bad but Guy A did have a point on some level. How can one say one aspect of homosexuality be nasty but another be alright. That is like being a little bit pregnant. It just don't happen. If you are against something be against it all the way.
After all that yelling all I could think was damn, I am so happy I got someone who loves me for me. Even with all my dilemmas and issues.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Getting bored....HELP!!
I was wandering around and I saw some blogs on the web rings, and I saw some people shit was off the hook. They got me wanting to learn some damn HTML. Not that I even remotely have the time to do this but still. I wanna know. Some of their stuff was nice man. Got me feeling like my site looks like a scratched up E.B.T. card. *don't act like ya'll don't' know what an E.B.T. card is* Does anyone know where I can get a quick template for my site that doesn't cost an arm and a damn nipple. I want my shit to look so cute that folks wanna just walk onto my site and go "WOW". Yes I know I am stupid but hey I can dream right?
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Monday, July 25, 2005
Soggy Toes
I finally break down and get my damn toes professionally done. Not that I don't usually have my feet done but I do them myself (hey man times are hard). I get them done in the cute but not out landish, French pedicure and lotion my babies up and slid them into some new cute sandals. Tell me why it rained. Now yes I know rain does nothing to your feet but I hate having soggy damn feet. That has got to be the worst feeling since the dry speculum. I know to some folks this would not mess up their day but I have been known to dry my toes with the blow dryer just to make sure there was no more "hidden" moisture. But I decided to not let this bother me and just try to make the best of it.
Now since I have broken the ice on my feet. I would like to call attention to feet this summer. Now I too have been known to let some polish on my toes just sit there until it up and "walks" off my foot. But GOT DAMN IT, I have too much sense than to wear my feet out of a Timberland in this condition. Women get your toes done! How can you have your fingers done to the point where folks look around and go "damn how does she wipe her ass, pick her nose, insert and O.B. tampon, etc....". And you have the nerve to have jacked the hell up feet. Maybe I see it differently because I actually use my hands at work and at home and therefore can't have them damn long ass nails on my hands (anymore). Or maybe it is because I used to go out with a guy who had a thing for sucking toes. I don't know but I always thought it was better to have your feet looing better than your hands. This is not to say that your hands should be looking like you are still a slave picking cotton but hey folks would be surprised just how far a little lotion and a pair of nail clippers can get you. That has been my PSA for the day. For tomorrow's discussion: People who think dirt makes your hair grow! NASTY bastids!!!

P.S. the Boondocks is coming to Adult Swim...I believe mine eyes have seen the glory! I luh me some Huey!
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Friday, July 22, 2005
I had a wonderful date with my man yesterday. We went to the movies and saw Fantastic Four, since we both like cartoons and comics. His cartoons are more anime and mine are more like the Bugs and Tweety but hey we still like sci-fi so we get along. After the movie we walked around the village for a new toy to enjoy. *wink* After that we had sushi at a near by restaurant. I asked him out so it was my treat. I love when we go out cause we don't really get much time to spend together. I have school and work and he has really jacked-up hours for work. I miss him so much.

Side note: What the hell is up with chicks running around how many months pregnant, got stretch marks and what-not, with their stomachs hanging out. That is not cute nor is it damn sexy. Right now there is a girl in my class with her shit just sticking out there. Alright, chick I know you like your J.Lo sweat pants and wife beater are like 12 months pregnant! What the hell. Put some clothes on and while you are at it, put on a bra! What are girls thinking? I was pregnant too and couldn't get maternity clothes but damn. Wear your man's shit! Alright that was my P.S.A. for the day.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
A new day and no dollar....
Yesterday my Beloved read my blog and he wondered why I kept it so negative. And I read all of them over again and I realized he was right. I should start making a more positive view on my blogs. Then he asked why don't I mention him more often. I am not sure if this was a joke or not but I will dedicate an entire entry to him and how I feel about him shortly. The main part is his was right I should try to focus more on the things that are going good for me instead of the negativity. To all those who are messing with me or shit on me in the past, never fear. It shall be your turn to hold the shitty end of the stick soon enough. And for me to lose any of my precious little sleep on you is plain stupidity on my part. So I shall throw you and my other problems away like a used tampon!! Or like my granny used to sing when things started to bother her " I told Satan, 'Get thee behind! Victory today is mine!'" Will probably post later, I hear my boss coming. DAMNIT MAN!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
This is some BULLSHIT!!
Lately I have been very stressed with school(the work load), work (both jobs), my son's little bad-ass for not listening to the babysitter, my Beloved (not being able to see him as regularly as we like), and my damned baby's father! Just the thought of him makes my blood boil! And you know what?? He told me last night that he was gonna take me for custody and fucking child support! Aint that a bitch! First of all he makes more than me and he's talking about child support!!??? Have I fallen off somewhere? I am working two damn jobs just so he can't call me a gold-digging bitch and he wants to go and pull this shit!?? I mean really WTF!!! I don't want anything from him besides my child and now he talking about taking that from me. I would love to know what the hell is going on in his damn head. And why the hell he hates me this damn much. So right now while I am blogging my little heart out and holding back the tears of this madness, I am looking up any information I can find about child support and legal physical custody. If any one has any experience in this situation or knows anything that I should know I would love to hear from you.
All I can say is if he thinks he is gonna fuck me up the ass, raw, no lube and no condom; then I got something for his ass!!!!
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Monday, July 11, 2005
I am Back.....for a short time.
I had to take a little bit of a break. I was tired like what. Right now I should be clocking in but guess where I am? I don't have much to say except same shit different drawers. Maybe later I will have something more productive to discuss.
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