Thursday, September 29, 2005
Aint this a damn shame....
On my morning surfing I came across this site Some old bullshit

At first I just laughed my ass off as to how the hell this woman actually pulled this shit off! But then I thought about how sad life must have been for the little boy. Then I thought of Joy's site and I realized that some women can actually be that damn cruel.
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Monday, September 26, 2005
Dancing like a fool....
I finished this term with *drum roll please* three A's, an A-, and a B. And that be was in the class I just knew I was gonna pass by the skin of my teeth. ya'll just don't know how good I feel right now. Hell, let me draw a picture; it feels like you just took of a pair of too shoes that fit in the store but now they pinch you pinky toe (on just one foot), you are running through YOUR house on the new x-tra thick carpet to the bathroom to pee, because you didn't want to bare your ass to the elements in that nasty ass club. You finally rip off the panty hose and your "damn does she have on draws" thong, sit down and you don't even have to release, the pee just flows...Then you get that tingle. You know the one that goes all the way to your toes. Yup that's how I feel. All of that. I know I should be waiting and holding that feeling in until I finish college not just the term but I have learned to take what you got and enjoy it because nothing is promised.

Speaking of nothing promised, my birthday is coming up. It is one the sixth. Usually I am so damn happy when my birthday comes up and I'm wound up for weeks. But this year all I can think about is whether or not this is the year I start lying about my age. I mean I figure that the earlier I start the more believable it will be. I mean I have already got my sister *R* and *Bklnnative (cousin) to join in on the lie since we are all the same age. The only problem is *Beloved. He says he wont ride on the lie. I swear I should have him beheaded! Or at least rip his tongue out of his mouth. *That might be a bad idea since he is very good with it.* I'll think of something. It is easy for him not to join in he just turned 21 this year. And he has no damn kids! I could just strangle him if I didn't love his ass. But I think I'll start the whole elaborate plot, yes my tangled web shall be wonderful and divine. And no one shall discover that I am not my age. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *rubbing hands together* Unless they work at the damn DMV.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I'm Back!!!
Well ya'll the Queen has been MIA since the post about not settling. And I have a very good reason. I had finals. I have 5 classes and I know the grade for 2 of them already. I have an A+ and an A. I know two of my other three classes I just know I passed. As for that other one, as long as get atleast a C, I will feel no damn pain. I am just gonna be so hurt that my G.P.A. is gonna drop. BUt hey I'll pull it up next term.
Also I have a second interview for my promtion. I am so excited. I so hope I get it. The Queen and the Prince need some new blue suede shoes. Things have been alright with the Queen and her consort. A few weeks ago he cut a damn fool and the queen thought she was gonna have to make a blog about her having to eject this jester from her queendom. But he fixed that situation with many sorries, I love you's and I didn't mean it's. So all while I am on pins and needles about it I guess I will have to ride this out. No, ya'll he didn't cheat on me. That would be "Live from Ossining....Jamaican Queen!".
My reading for the week is.....Fast Food Nation. It is breaking my damn heart. I love cheeseburgers and now know why McDonalds fries used to have me feeling like a crackhead.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Settling For vs. Accepting What You Have
Settling For-To accept in spite of incomplete satisfaction: had to settle for a lower wage than the one requested.

Lately my family has been asking me when if ever I am getting married. They have said that I am running out of time and no man is gonna want me as I get older and lose my shape. It is bad enough that I have a baby's father that is still in his son's life ( and subsequently my own, but would it be better if my son had no father in the picture). I have been told that I should just find an older man who will take care of me and stop looking for a man of my own age range because if he doesn't have kids then he is just looking for a ride and nothing really will come of it. That in all truth I should just settle.

Well damn it! What if I don't want to settle?! I want a man who wants me as I am, the way I am. With all my faults and glories. I want a man who is IN LOVE with me, form my nappy-ass locs to my sometimes (times are hard) pedicured feet. I want him to love me because I am me. I want him to love the fact that I am filled will often times useless information, scared of mice and the fact that I squeal with delight. I want him to love the fact that I have moments when I want to left alone and the fact that I snore lightly in my sleep ( Beloved let me know that one). I don't want a man to support me financially if I can work.

I want and demand that he support me emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. I demand this because I want to do this for him. I want him to know that if I wind making more than him He won't feel any less of a man. I want him to know that because I make less than him I won't ask him for every little thing that pops into my head. I don't want to be his mother but I won't mind being his mami (that's for you *L*). I want to be stronger than me and I don't just mean physically, because on days when I finally break down and cry I don't want him to run at the sight of me breaking down. I want him to be strong enough to cry when necessary. By necessary I mean if you slam your hand in a car door, your family member dies or is hurt. Not if you got pickles in your cheese burger and you don't like them.

I want a man who knows that I love him and would move heaven and earth for him but does not feel threatened because I will drop everything and knock down old people to get to my son. I don't want him to doubt my love because I laugh at some other man's joke or he tells me that I look nice. I want him to be comfortable with it because our love is that strong that he knows I'm not going anywhere without the man that makes my heart speed up and my skin tingle.

I want him strong enough to know when to put his foot to my ass to motivate me even when I try to pull the black-chick neck swivel. * I never learned how to do that without hurting myself.* But not to be stupid enough to actually put his hands on me in anyway that would cause me harm.

I need this type of man. I will accept if he doesn't have all of this but I would be setting if I take a man that has none of these qualities. I am accepting that for a man like this I may have to wait.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
This just hurts. I can't believe the way the media just shows us to be so wrong. I can't even express.


What in the hell is the DAMN difference????
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