Thursday, March 30, 2006
The results are in...
I just finished my term and I received good grades again. I have been told that I am a complete nerd by *E at my job, but she said it is only because she is jealous. I earned three As, an A-, and a B. So now my G.P.A is 3.82. and I am loving it. Not much going on right now. Which I think is a good thing, well other than *Prince trying to give me a heart attack. He asked me to get him a new sweater for school because, this particular type of sweater is a "BABE MAGNET". I swear that boy finds new things to shock and horrify me with. I am so not ready. What am I supposed to do with him now?
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Felt Like A New Look..
Everyone was getting makeovers and I felt out of the loop. So I spruced up a bit and this is what I came up with. I hope you guys like.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Well I'm lucky I think.....
The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to Purgatory!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)High
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Don't Support this Movie...

This weekend I went to the movies with *Beloved and his two friends. We were to originally see "V for Vendetta" but the show that we purchased tickets for was over sold. And when we tried to get tickets for later shows they were sold out. So we got our money back and were on our way to leave when we noticed another movie was starting and we decided to become Theatre Bunnies. We hopped into "The Hills Have Eyes". The movies is about the miners that lived in the blast zone of the New Mexico desert and were killing and eating folks. Now I personally didn't want to see it because I just wouldn't have wanted to waste my money on it. But we go in because well it was free and we didn't get caught.

Now the movie starts and as usual the people do just regular dumb shit that makes you think "Well that couldn't be me!" Now during the course of the first person being killed, one of the females in the movie was being raped. The men in the theatre were laughing and damn near cheering and the producers of the film tried to made it seem like it was funny. In one part of the rape scenes the man was actually hooting and cheering himself. I was horrified and disgusted. Now this had nothing to do with the fact that the men were horribly disfigured, because I actually don't like people despite how they look touching me. A person can be in a three piece suit made by Vera Wang and I still would not want the person to touch me. When the other female came to try to help her sister she was assaulted too. This time with the man holding a gun on her child while he suckled at her breasts and she was powerless to defend herself.

I didn't see how this had anything to do with the plot of the movie. I felt that the movie could have done without those scenes. Hollywood does not need to try to make rape seem funny, erotic, exotic or like the woman was asking for it. Rape is none of these things. Rape is an issue of power against the woman. It is a control method for the man or men to show that they are dominant species. Men also use it as an insult to other men. In effect, saying I took possession of your daughter, wife, mother, sister and there is nothing that the other can do about it. Not saying that murder is truly acceptable but they don't try to make the murder seem sexy. The murder isn't made funny. It is a gruesome thing that makes you jump and even scream.

I am not trying to make anyone not see anything that really seems interesting to them. But you wouldn't see a movie that made slavery seem like a carnival cruise and I view this in the same way. My point is why celebrate in the one thing that makes animals superior to mankind?In that I mean, man is the only species on the planet that rapes. All others wait until the female is willing.
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Friday, March 17, 2006
Luck o' the Irish...

So it is St. Patrick's Day, and folk are just wandering around NYC in kilts and drunk as hell. So far I have see four people wearing green puke in the streets. Must be great to be Irish.

I even came across a really festive Irishman on the train wearing green and a kilt, that saw that I wasn't wearing any green and he decided that in the spirit of things he should pinch me for not wearing any green. Now I wish I could say that I slapped the hell out of him for the simple nerve for touching me.

I was told once that my last name is Irish. And because I think my day has been pretty because of. Almost everything has been going my way. My classes are almost done and I am getting 4 As. I'm a little off on one class and I think that I am getting C in it or at best a B-. Not a happy camper but hey the class was hard.

On the personal front, *Beloved's best friend is having problems with his girl that neither I nor *Beloved can understand. That and I am starting to think that *Beloved has a problem with my weight. Now I am not a tiny little thing and I never will be. My body shape wouldn't allow me to be anything less than 135lbs. Despite the point that main stream media tries to drill into me that I should be 105lbs to be cute. I don't think that would be a health weight for me because I have so much hip and chest. I would look like one of the little birds that "seem" like they are drinking or dipping its head down. Like I am gonna fall over but I just won't.

Nothing else on this front except that I have been doing so well that damn near all my teachers said that I don't have to come back for my final week of school I am so damn happy.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Warm weather and folk don't know how to act...

It has been warm for the past four days and folks are losing their damn minds. Now it would be something if the weather was like 80 degrees or something but hell it isn't even a real good 60. What the hell is going on? Women walking around in mid drift shirts already and mini-skirts. That and the little heat is getting to their heads and making them think that they no longer have to wash their ass!! Completely disgusting!!!

Now yesterday I was at work and this lady smelled like straight fish!! Now I work at 42nd Street. There are no fish markets!!! I was two seconds from telling her that she might have a health problem and that she should get it checked out. But before I could put my job in jeopardy my co-worker *T dragged me off.

And today, I am going about my rounds and all, and this guy just smells straight up ripe! Now for those who remember what kids smell like when they come in from play, you know the smell, depending on where you come from, it is called either "green" or like "street". Well his smell made you long for that smell! I mean it was serious because my eye was actually watering. And I'll be damned if he didn't know and was waving his underarm around for the world to enjoy.

Now I am not saying that I have not had a "funky moment" but I in my embarrassment run, not walk, the hell home. Where I promptly wash my ass and underarms like soap is my new found lover. I for the life of me can't understand why anyone wants to smell like a steaming pile of hot unwashed ass! It is pain for the other people who you walk past and have functioning nostrils. In short, it is just not right and down right rude!! So my P.S.A. for the day is please just wash the hell up. Even if you only take a hooker's shower it would only help those (namely me) form having to smell the odor coming from your body.
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
You don't like it then don't do it...
Today I wandered over to Smartblackwoman's post and her topic was why she is pro-choice. Now I think she made her point clear but I don't think that her reasons apply for everyone. Now before I go on I am pro-whatever you want. See I don't think I am pro-choice because I think that abortion should be legal for whomever wants it. I just don't think that abortion should be used as a form of birth control.

I think that for the women who use it as such need to be sterilized. Not to be cruel but it is a simple fact. The woman is tearing up her body anyway and the actuality of her having a full-term child decreases every time she has one. So why wait for all the years of damage to take effect. Just cut out the middle man. But I don't feel that the woman or even young girl who finds that she is pregnant should have to have a child that is unwanted. I don't think any child should be unwanted. Personally I would rather see a long ass wrap around the block line at Planned Parenthood than to see or hear of one child that was thrown into the garbage or in the case that happened in Long Island, a baby was found in the middle of the street, run over by many cars because no one saw it. It was so unrecognizable that it was impossible to tell if the infant was male or female.

To force someone who obviously doesn't to have a child to actually do just that is cruel. Now I know that some people are going to say well she can give it up for adoption but she still has to go through an unwanted pregnancy. That can be tramatic. I know. I never wanted children and when the doctor told me I was pregnant I just knew they were lying to me and I damn near threw a tantrum. All right, I threw a tantrum but I got over it. I couldn't imagine how I would feel if I didn't get used to the idea that I was carrying life within me. To be forced to raise a child you don't want is abuse. Not just to the mother and father but also to the child. Now I say it is abuse to the mother because she has to bring forth this life that she never wanted. That is going to impact how she feels as a woman and as a person. To the child because eventually it will come across that the child was never wanted. And that is something that is felt and will hurt the child forever. To think that your mother never wanted you and the only reason why she had you was because abortions are illegal is horrible. But also to the father. The man shouldn't be forced to raise a child he doesn't want. Just because he had sex with her doesn't mean that he wanted children at that point.

Before the pitch forks are pulled out the shed, I feel that both should discuss the idea of having a child before the woman just up and tells him that they are having a baby. I mean, yes I know it is her body and all, but to make a man raise a child that he is neither prepared for nor wants is just wrong on many levels.

Now as far as birth control works. Nothing is fool proof. I got pregnant with my son when I was on the pill and his father had on a condom. So now what????!!! I am really tired of everyone preaching absinence but until they are doing it I think they should shut the hell up. As far as being too young for sex, well that is in the eye of who is fucking now isn't it. Once a person has started it not very likely that he or she will stop just because an adult tells him or her to. I feel that preparing the child instead works alot better. When my sister told me that she was curious about sex, I didn't panic. I only asked why and once I was sure it wasn't because some boy had tried to talk her into it. I took her to get a pair of sneakers,(so I could fill the box with the condoms) then I took her to get condoms, lube, fingercots, female condoms, gloves and a vibrator. Now I got her the vibrator because she was curious about the feeling. I got her a non-penetrating vibrator. Some people said I was wrong and I shouldn't have done that because I was only encouraging her to have sex but I tell them to mind their own business. My sister is now 15, has no children, has had no STDs, never had sex with another person, and still has her GPA of 3.92. The only thing she has to keep up with is whether or not she has any batteries not if her son or daughter has formula or pampers.

Now as far as folk who don't agree with abortion, I say then damn it don't have one. Why impose your decisions on someone else because you don't agree with what someone else is doing. I can't for the life of me see why anyone wants to worry about the reproductive life of anyone else.
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Thursday, March 02, 2006
This is what you get from people gone a foreign...
Stop instigatin' shit before someone decides to pop you in the ass with a B.B. gun at the next Labor Day parade.
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Tobagoians Unite....

I was talking to a Trini security guard at my job yesterday and he was discussing going home for Spring Break. And it popped into my head that I have never seen anyone or even heard of anyone from Tobago. So I asked him where are they, he tells me that there are alot of them but they are at home. I laughed my ass off, Trinis don't allow Tobagoians to leave the country. So this brings up my point...I called every Trini I know (this took all of ten minutes) and I asked them where are the Tobagoians and they all said the same thing, they are all at home.

I have this to say to my West Indians who are not allowed from there country of birth.

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