Tuesday, August 08, 2006
What you call me??

Why is my "friend" mad at me because I called her a Spic? Before you get upset with me blog world, this female continually greets me with "What's up my nigga?" Now when I told her that this was totally unacceptable, she told me that she was only using it as a greeting and so I shouldn't get upset. I told her that I was offended and she told me that I was just being sensitive. I don't think that I was being sensitive about her calling me a nigga. I am totally offended. I don't call anyone that and so I don't think that she should call me that. I can't stop her from using that horrible word but I felt that I should be able to ask her not to call me that.

Now I don't think that racial slurs are nice nor are they appropriate and most often when I tell someone that I don't like them calling me something that person will stop. So it was a surprise to me that she looked at me like I didn't know that the word had some how changed meaning and now means ace boon coon. Now I am not gonna lie, I call my sister *Big Sis on the phone and the first thing out of my mouth is "hey ugly". But she knows I love her and besides she started. My friend *DQ I call her a moo-cow all the time. Hell she calls me heifa. But when it comes to the racial slurs, I want to draw the line.

Really do you hear Indians (the ones from India) calling each other "Towelhead", white folks calling each other "Cracka-ass cracka", or Mexicans calling each other "Wetback"? The list can go on and on, but the answer is NO!!! But you will hear them call each other "nigga" or "nigger" like it is alright. Hell even the more adventurous ones will call a "friend", "nigga" if they think that they are close enough.

All I can say is that I am rather proud of myself because I didn't slap the brown out of her eyes. However, if she calls me that again I might not be so damn nice.
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