Saturday, September 16, 2006
*Doing the Dance of Joy*

Yeah I know I am so showing my age because I am showing that I used to watch a show called "Perfect Strangers". But that is not the point of this entry. The point is that I tried to wait it out and I cried and I prayed and I finally just let go and My G-d, My G-d, did not fail me.

As some of you know my last day of school is next week Thursday and my graduation is on the 27 of October. Now normally this would be a good thing but my job is for students only. Meaning that I will lose my job shortly after the day I stop going to school. Even if I signed up for school again (which wouldn't be until January) I would be out of work at least until then. I was crying because I was about to be so broke (more than I am normally) and winter is coming and with no money this was gonna be a harsh one. But I finally got offered a new position with my job that is salaried!!! It doesn't pay over the top amounts of money but damn it, it pays!!! And it pays regularly!!! I am so damn happy.

My graduation is coming and ya'll guess what I am a candidate for VALEDICTORIAN!! I am so excited. I had no idea that I was even in the running. I thought my G.P.A. was too low (3.84) for it but I guess not. Well I gotta go. I have to write some sort of speech for the ceremony that is due on the 20th and I haven't started yet. Well I have an outline at least. I'm not that bad.
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